H&H is an active HUB which provides entrepreneurs and creators with a designed and inspiring work space to allow their vision to come to life.

H&H hosts seminars and lectures, to which all its members are invited, to encourage their experience and work as well as enriching their field of knowledge.

H&H also strives to create an area of interaction amongst its members, the voluntary council members and different figures that can help with the promotion of their individual and collaborated vision.

H&H operates within the public spaces of The Diaghilev, LIVE ART Boutique Hotel and is a direct continuation of the hotel activity.

The hotel has a unique role in developing expression to different worlds of content: architecture, music, fashion, design, development, software etc. It attracts many of these who come from the world of technology start up: entrepreneurs, investors, "angels" and "headhunters"; and from the world of art: museum directors, curators, collectors, artists, gallery directors from around the world.

H&H provides an interesting interface in which the entrepreneurs can meet various groups of investors staying at the hotel, and thus create business opportunities and meetings between various worlds of content and creativity.

Members of H&H can use the following:

  • A shared workspace with workstations.
  • The "Backstage" café and bar with special H&H member price.
  • Spacious art gallery area.
  • Protective backyard for relaxed and meditative seating.
  • A large and private conference room.
  • A seminar and lecture hall.

For details:
Tal Mishaly: 0545867335

Monthly membership: 500 NIS
Day or a part of a day: 50 NIS

Advisory council: Elie Wurtman, Koby Menachemi, Ronen Gafni, Avi Armoza, Gal Uchovsky, Ziv Segal, Noga Kap and Alan Weinkrantz.

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